Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome to Tissueland

Lily started coughing Friday afternoon, and was up most of Friday night, and is still battling a runny nose and yucky cough. And let me tell you what I'm battling. Tissues. Tissues everywhere. She must use a new tissue every time she wipes her nose, and if the tissue falls out of the box, that means it's used. They are everywhere. Imogene is sounding just like Lily did Friday afternoon, so she will probably be up all night tonight. They have both run low fevers off and on over the of the weekend/today. It's pouring rain here today, which isn't so bad since we don't feel much like going anywhere. Poor Lily misses school so much (and cannot wait to find out who has been covering for her "job" she has at school and told me today she's going to "freak out" when she finds out what her job is). We missed her first OT session yesterday, and it looks like Imogene will miss OT tomorrow. Which stinks because she was supposed to get her constraint cast made again. But we will go pick up the orthotic tomorrow afternoon. I'm so interested to see what she thinks of it!

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