Monday, November 8, 2010

Sound it Out!

First, more prayers for our friend Sydney Moss. She's back in the hospital with high fever, and will need 21 days of two IV-antibiotics. Our poor little Syd - and her mommy and daddy.

Imogene has added some new sounds to her vocabulary. A lot of them sound alike, but if you can put it in context for what's going on, it can make some sense. Like yesterday, standing in front of the cabinet with sippy cups. "wawawawah" was that she wanted water. "buh-buh" in front of the same cabinet in boo-boo or band-aid, because they are there too! "nuh-nuh" in front of the pantry is snack. Today we added a very, very sweet, wonderful one that made me almost cry. "Pa" for Miss Pam! It was so clear, and she did it several times. That's the first 'p" I have heard her make at the front of a sentence. She's also started saying "ahmeh" for Amy, her OT. Still says 'didi" for Lily.

Lily is going for her OT evaluation on Wednesday morning. We filled out a preliminary questionnare about her, and there are definitely things on there behavior/sensory issue-wise that were like alarms going off for us when we read them. So we're really interested to see what "Ahmeh" says about her!
But she had an amazingly great morning, and this afternoon has actually gone pretty well too!

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