Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I just googled Vitamin C definiciency. Lily has been so remarkably easier to deal with the last two days that I thought it must have something to do with the clementines she's been eating in the last three days. Yep, it's that much better that I thought it must be medical. She does not have a deficiency. She's still weird about clothes and had a rough time when plans changed on her today. But really, she's had two of the best days she's had in weeks.

Meanwhile, I went half the day before I realized I never did anything to my hair that I didn't wash when I showered this morning. (This baffles Lily - that I can take a shower and not get my hair wet.) And I returned the DVD's to the library ON TIME!!! Only to have the library call and tell me that one of them was missing the actual DVD. Somehow between the house and the drop box, the DVD came out. Somehow's name starts with an L and ends with a Y.

Imogene made a sign and a sound for hot and cold - this was while Lily was pretending to be Rachel from the signing videos. Lily is unbelievable with the signs. She can complete full sentences in signs. I'm really impressed. She is also so musical. She knows all the words to songs that they sing in school with the movements. Next time you see her, ask her to sing the hand song by "Billy Bean." She's especially cute when she says that you can zip up your snowsuit. She thinks that's so funny. And she absolutely glows when she talks about Miss Pam and Miss Carey. Whatever Pam does is the funniest thing that ever happens. She can hardly talk about Pam without laughing. She knows how to spot the gems! I love that about her and how much she loves to sing and dance and pretend she's all sorts of different things. Like yesterday when she pretended to be Miss Pam and Miss Carey while playing with Susan. She does so much that's so grown-up and so much that's so little girl. I just love that about her.

By the way, technology is not my friend. And neither is daylight-savings time (Children are terrible at time-change. Especially ones named Imogene.) Technology - because Imogene goes absolutely insane when I won't let her play games on my phone. She has deleted apps from it - not even sure now what I had on there! And she goes crazy about the DVD player in the car. If she's watching elmo she signs baby, if she's watching baby signing time,  she says "ahmoh" ... it's driving me INSANE.
But she and DeeDee (speech) played hide-and-seek today, and she was so tickled by the whole thing, even if she never actually hid. Such giggling and excitement over the littlest things. And I love that about her.

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