Monday, November 29, 2010

Phone Photos

So I finally downloaded pictures I've had on my phone for months.

 Fun at the park ... it was so cold that day we were the only people there! 

 Both girls and baby dolls. (Imogene loves Lily so much. She wanted her picture taken with a doll too.)

Lily is an "Artist of the Month" at school this month.
 Imogene riding the carousel at the mall. This is the day we went to get the big white shoes for the orthotic, and she really wanted to ride. She was very happy about it, and every time we turned the corner the rest of the time we were at the mall, she would say "Neigh." :)

 The only picture I have of Bill from his birthday. Not good photographer of me at all!

Thanksgiving in SC.

 Lily was a big help!

 Naney got all the supplies and had lots of crafts for the girls to do the day to decorate the Thanksgiving table. Lily really enjoyed it, and was so proud! 

I forgot my camera again. This is the best we could get of both girls with the camera on my phone. 

She had eaten her share of turkey well before any of had fixed our plate. She loves turkey and chicken!

And finally, we're decorated for Christmas. Well, at least from the outside. I could live in front of the door this year. I love, love, love the way this turned out. Usually I make my own wreath at a workshop at church. But I can't go this year. So I spruced up the garden-center one with some berries and a bow. I absolutely love Christmas and everything about it!  

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  1. wow, so many things to comment on! a)LOVE the pumpkin dresses - and that pic is great for a camera phone! b)i am frequently the ONLY one at the I take lots of pictures to pass the time!, and c)your front door looks amazing. i would like to do something similar, but top on my list is a great the blog as usual! :)