Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disco Dancing

Lily has a pair of sparkly tennis shoes that she has worn almost every day the past few months. She doesn't like to wear them with socks, of course. But it's sock weather. So I saw a pair today that I thought she'd like today at the Nordstrom sale. Sparkly, but sturdy, and sockable.  She had a playdate this afternoon with her friend Susan, and I was so excited to show them to her when she got home. Not as excited as she was when she put them on the ground and THEY LIT UP. She was beside herself with excitement. I was beside myself too. Every time she sees a kid in light-up shoes, she begs for them. I usually distract or say maybe. She has them now! They don't just light up. You could have a disco party with these things - so bright, like a strobe light. But I cannot tell you how happy she was. "Mommy, you got me light-up shoes - just what I've always wanted." Oh and they are about a half-size too big. So she'll get a ton of wear out of them. Awesome!

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