Thursday, December 10, 2009

Therapy Thursday

Today was not our best therapy day. Imogene was so cranky and uncooperative. Who does she think she is? A baby? Really Imogene. We did learn what the call from Susan was about last week. They want us to start occupational therapy with Imogene. I was pretty much expecting this. Fortunately our insurance covers this, but unfortunately they do not cover both PT and OT on the same day. So we'll have to find a different day and time to go out there for OT. I know this has to be done, but boy, twice a week sounds daunting!
. Lily has a dance recital on Saturday. The dance recital is for a local assisted living facility - so we just drop her off, which is kind of disappointing. Wouldn't we love to see what Lily thinks of that!

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