Monday, December 7, 2009

Santa Train 2009

We had a great time on the Walkersville, Md Santa Train on Saturday. We drove up to Frederick and visited with Bill's grandmother, and then met our friends for the fun. The best part, it was snowing the entire time. Lily was so excited about Santa when he was on the train and asked 100 times when he was coming. Then it came time for her to sit and talk to him and she would not look at him and only gave him a high-five. The best part was that Santa kept telling Lily that "mommy always visited me and sat with me each year." That's actually not true, Santa. Mommy was terrified of Santa Claus (and the Easter Bunny) and NEVER went to see him at the mall, until she was 12. That year sweet five-year-old Ryan begged her to go with him, and she did. So Mommy can't really blame Lily for her reaction. And just see for yourself what Imogene thought of the big guy. But both girls loved the train ride and Imogene was so tickled by the snow falling down and kept trying to catch it with her hand - even her right hand!
Our house is decorated for Christmas- the boxes are put away. Yeah! Lily was a big help in her own way. She adopted several ornaments and has picked out her favorite that she would like to keep once Christmas is over. Everything was "so beautiful" and her "most favorite ornament ever." She really was so cute about the whole thing. It really makes you realize how special it is to be surrounded by children this time of year. And yes, baby Jesus is still a girl. Even if he is swaddled in blue. Still a girl.

Happy Girls on the train.
Not so happy about this guy.
Her only contact with him.
But see how happy she was that he was on the train? She was just beside herself!
This guy she never liked, but he really wanted the kids to take pictures with him (Santa-envy I guess?) She really wanted him to just take her ticket and be on his way. Had to include the picture because you can just tell she's not liking this guy at all!

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