Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A quick update

So for all 5 of our loyal readers - a quick update. We're up to our eyeballs in Christmas baking and cooking here and the nights have been late ones, but wanted to report that Imogene has TWO new teeth. She was playing in my lap on Tuesday morning and I looked down and there is one incisor on the top sticking out, and the other one just about ready. That brings her total to 10. Yes, at 11 months (TODAY!) she has 10 teeth. I think Lily was over 1 1/2 before she had that many teeth. Oh that Imogene, never one to let things go normally.
We had a great time with Naney and then Grunny & Charlie here this weekend. I'll post pictures soon of that and of Imogene's 11 month photo-shoot. I can hardly even type about how crazy it is to me that time has flown by so quickly-only one more photo shoot, and that's for her birthday. Where has the time gone with this little baby?
Also, if you'd like to sing along with Lily to "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," you should know that it's "you'll go down in sistery." NOT history, as she has told me 100 times. Also, she has volunteered to be baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant at church when she's five (you have to be in kindergarten to participate). She said she'd be happy to wear the costume. Never mind that baby Jesus is a doll. But don't call her Lily, just call her Jesus. And if they don't need a Jesus, she'll be "present-girl."
If only I walked around with a tape recorder all day, the book I could write.

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