Saturday, December 19, 2009


We are in fact getting walloped by this snowstorm. It's changed some plans we had today, but it really is beautiful, and based on the weather forecast, should still be on the ground on Christmas! A White Christmas!
So far Lily hasn't even asked to go outside. She isn't a huge fan of being freezing and several times today she has said "boy, it's freezing today." She put a sweatshirt on over the summer pajamas she chose to sleep in and then said "Good thing I'm wearing a sweatshirt. It's good to wear a sweatshirt on a cold, wintery day." We have at least 8 or so inches, maybe 10? right now, and apparently the "heavy snow" is still to come.
Imogene had one of her worst nights in a while last night. Her second incisor is taking a lot longer to come in. Poor thing, it's all puffy and red where the toothbud is. Wonder if it's a coincidence that this slow-to break-through tooth is on her right side. She is doing a lot of cute baby stuff these days. She likes to put things on her head (like my glasses) to play peek-a-boo. Imogene also loves unpacking things like boxes of toys and the books on the bookshelf. It's really fun to watch her explore where she can. Sometimes I feel sad for her because I know she wants to just go go go, and she's sort of confined to the area she can worm to, and then when she gets there she can't get herself to a sitting up position to play with the toy she worked so hard to get! But she's so determined, and PT Susan says that works in her favor - feisty, determined kids do well! Susan also mentioned the other day that Imogene has good awareness of her right side. She said many hemiparetic kids have very little recognition that their affected arm will do anything, and Imogene knows her right arm is there, it just takes her a while to remember, and it doesn't have the strength or muscle tone to do what she wants it to do.
You have never seen a more tenacious, frenetic eater. This baby loves to sit and eat. You cannot put the finger food on the table fast enough for her. She will literally bang on her tray until you put food on it, and if she gets down to one or two pieces on the tray she gets very worked up. She likes to know where the next bite is coming from!
Hopefully we'll have some snow pictures to post this week, and more from last week since I should have plenty of time to download pictures this weekend while we're snowbound!

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