Monday, September 14, 2009

Back Home, and Back in School

I'll start by updating you on Imogene. So many people have asked or called as to how she's doing. Again, you wonderful people you! We spoke with Gloria, Dr. McClintock's scheduler last week. At one point she said she'd need to speak to her manager and call us back, since he's so booked up. But when I told her we were out of town, she said call back Monday. Which of course I did, and left a message. I know they don't have appointments right now, but at this point I just want to know if the report is back, and get an idea of how long we're waiting. So that's all we can report on the MRI results, unfortunately.

We arrived home from the beach on Saturday afternoon, after hitting the road at 5:30 a.m. Imogene woke up that morning at 2 a.m. and then again at 4:45 a.m., so at that point we figured we might as well get the drive over with! The trip was wonderful for the opportunity to hang out with each other and our girls, and my family. Several times I kept reminding myself, "freeze this moment in your memory; remember exactly what that little girl's face looks like at this moment." There were so times when my heart practically burst for the joy Lily and Imogene were experiencing. Lily is a beach kid. She loves the sand and the water and all that comes with it. We searched for "sheshells" and made several sand castles, complete with moat. Lily insisted that the sandcastles have a slide, and a baby swing, and a big kid swing. We, of course, obliged. What a mom can come up with using some shells and some dried reeds! Lily also got to help Uncle Ryan fish, which involved Lily using her very own net to put the fish back into the ocean, and refusing to touch the baby shark that Ryan caught (not that I blame her). There was a kite-flying adventure as well. What a week she had!

Imogene loved putting her hands and feet in the sand! She would almost jump out of our arms when she heard the ocean and the waves crashing. Her 'excited' move is to rock and jump her little body while you are holding her. The legs go crazy! She also started vocalizing a lot while we were gone. perhaps it had something to do with all the talking going on around her, she just wanted to get a word in edge-wise! She makes this funny laughing sound, and is making a lot of 'vvv' sounds.

Both girls thoroughly enjoyed the pool at the house we rented. It had a hot tub, and it served as a baby pool for Lily. She practiced blowing bubbles in the water and stuck her whole face in! Who is this kid, I tell you! I hope to get her in some swim lessons before next summer to keep up her excitement and confidence about the water. Imogene was hysterical in the pool. She would absolutely go berserk with excitement while sitting in her float, and watching the water flow from the hot tub to the big pool. Watching her that happy made all of us laugh out loud, and what a welcome feeling that was! She really seemed more aware of her right arm in the pool. Wondering if she would benefit from some swim lessons as well!?!

Here is a link to pictures from our trip.

Lily headed back to school yesterday. We couldn't be happier about this! Her teachers are Miss Frances and Miss Brandy and she has several friends from last year's class in her 3 year old room. Despite her grumpy attitude this morning, she is so happy at Westminster Weekday Preschool. And so are her mom and dad. It's the best place in the world we think! The preschool community, and the larger church community as well, really are becoming an extended family for us. What lucky people we are. I'll post pictures of the first day (aren't those just requisite pictures any parent takes?!) soon.

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