Thursday, September 17, 2009

PT Thursday

Today is Thursday, so that means it is a PT day. Imogene was not happy when we got there. Her separation anxiety is peaking right now, and I think she was afraid she was being left. She snapped out of it though within a few minutes and we had a great time. She was fitted for a neoprene Benik hand support (click here for a picture) which will keep her hand from fisting as much, by holding the thumb out. Imogene will wear the Benik 50-75% of her day when she is not sleeping (which means she'll be wearing it a lot!) We had many colors to chose from; Imogene and I went with 'lilac.' Although, thinking about it now, orange would have been a nice choice for football season - I could have drawn little maroon VTs on it! Oh well, maybe next time! As with all things medical, the splint requires paperwork. I have a call into the pediatrician for a prescription for the Benik, and then the therapy center will order it for us once the script comes. So it will probably be two more weeks or so before she is sporting her new fall fashion accessory. Susan the PT did say she's made great progress and is already sitting up better than she was 3 weeks ago!
Lily loves Thursday too because she went to play her friend Lucy. Thank God for wonderful friends who treat your child like one of their own.

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