Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A few funny "Lily-isms" ...

It's not a unicorn, it's a "unihorn"

Gets up from a nap at the beach, opens the door and says "Surprise!"
Then immediately says, "I have to go potty before I go to the mall with Will and Wade." Will and Wade are our neighbors, and were not at the beach. She must have been dreaming about them!

Another time gets up from her nap and says, "Hey Mom, can I have flowers in my room?"
Me: "Your room at the beach?"
Lily: "No, my room in Virginia."

She is only 'allowed' to watch the DVD in the car when we are driving a long distance. She keeps asking me, "Are we still in Virginia?" (even if we've only been driving 5 minutes) She must know if we're not, then she should definitely hit me up for watching the DVD.

I gave her a kiss on the beach one day and she said "Happy Beach Day, Mom."

As we are leaving the grocery store, "Mom you are a great grocery storer."

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