Sunday, September 27, 2009

Look at that cute Red Sox hat! Thanks to the DeGuenthers for sending it to her!

We were on duty for the 3 year old room during the church service this morning. Lily's friend Jacob was playing with a toy ambulance that made full siren sounds. Lily says, while holding a doll, "Jacob, please don't make that noise. It's making my baby nervous."

Our weekend was packed with friends, fun, church activities, and a lot of rain - which we were very happy to have on our grass and plants! Lily even went to yoga class today. Granted, it was just Lily and her buddy Lucy and the teacher Patrick, so it must have not seemed too stressful or overwhelming for her. And I think she has a little crush on Patrick. I also wonder if she didn't cry like she does in ballet class because Bill took her to yoga. Maybe she's just testing me with ballet. Who knows!?! I'm just glad she went and had fun.

Imogene was a real trooper this weekend despite being carted all over the place. She even took a little nap in the Baby Bjorn. Who knew that was possible! And she took two great naps today. She has what seems to be the beginnings of a cold, so there's no telling what we're in for tonight!

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