Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Coming to an End...

Lily's preschool days are almost over (Although she has two weeks of "Summer School" after this week).
But her last days with Carey & Pam are tomorrow and Friday. I will attempt to type this without crying. I know we will see them when Imogene is there in the fall on Thursdays and Fridays. But it just won't be the same. Until she starts their class in two years :)
The teachers write a little something about their class and each child. I thought I would share with all of you what Pam and Carey said about their class, and about Lily.

"This class has been the quintessential "WE WISH YOU WELL" class. (This is when you can send out a hug to someone who isn't at school, or a loved one who is sick or you just miss. Lily always wondered if her friends were wishing her well if she wasn't at school. And when she "sends it out" - she closes her eyes very tight.) Each year an organic theme emerges ... and this year has been the WISH WELL year. I think that we have Lily to thank for really keeping it front and center and the rest of the class for embracing it so wholeHEARTedly!! It is quite moving to see and hear this outward response of love being expressed. Our hope is that this will be carried on in their lives from this day forward. We could ask for no more lasting legacy."

"Lily -- What would we have done without you? You remember EVERYTHING, see EVERYTHING, and love EVERYTHING! You keep us on our toes and the class running the way it should!!! You are the quintessential WISH WELL LEADER - always sending love, good thoughts and good wishes to all."

For all that we deal with with these two girls, I have to always remember that they have the biggest hearts, both of them. My watery eyes, and my cup, runneth over with love for them.

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