Thursday, June 16, 2011

"I Che my Eeeyyeess"

Imogene had her follow-up with Dr. Madigan, her ophthalmologist today. It was over an hour of four different people looking at her and shining lights in her eyes and asking her questions. Not to mention the three different eye drops. That sweet thing never fussed ONCE. She truly could not have been better. I was dreading being there for that long by myself and so stressed about the drops. She blew me away with her performance! All four of the doctors and nurses were so complimentary and kept asking me if she was always like this! HA, no she is not!! But I think she has been poked and prodded so much that she has just learned to deal with it. It's really cute when she points to both eyes separately and says "I che my eeeyyyeess."Her exam was perfect too - she doesn't need glasses anytime soon, and the results of the surgery are still perfect! Woo Hoo!

There was a 'tween' show on the disney channel in the waiting room. one of the characters was on hold with a help desk on the phone and he kept yelling, and she would say "He no happy."

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