Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Fun

 After the last day of school we went to a "Sprayground" with two of Lily's school buddies. Very fun even though it was pretty hot! The girls had a blast - Imogene was so tickled with herself about how wet she way. Kept saying "Mama, I All Weh!!!"

We also did some home nail salon on the last day of school afternoon.
Lily was very proud, so she snapped these pictures with my phone in the car! 

I had a trunk show last weekend in Maryland, and on the way home I called Bill to tell him that I had met the sales goals I needed to meet to go on an all-expense paid trip with Stella & Dot to a resort in Mexico (we'll worry about the violence there later.) (And we'll worry that Bill will be too busy with a trial to get to go with me in October later.) ANYWAY, while I was driving the hour home, Bill got the girls together and made me that precious sign (please note it is complete with mexican flag and a sombrero) and had James Taylor's "Mexico" song playing when I got in the door. He also had guacamole and chips and champagne for me and a margarita for him. (I hate tequila.) It was absolutely worth all that I have worked on these last 5 months to have their support and excitement for me - so worth it. And I hope they feel that way too! The celebration they gave me was as good as making the trip. I LOVE YOU BILL SIGLER.
Miss Pam always makes shirts for the class at the end of the year. 
This year's shirt was "We Wish You Well, and Send It Out."
Of course Lily loves it, wore it two days in a row and asks me every day if I've washed it yet.
We are also having a blast listening to the cd that Miss Pam made for the class.
Lily (And Imogene!) sing those songs with such joy and love listening to P read them books on the CD. She's having a blast this week getting to have Miss Patty as her teacher for Summer Camp. She loves getting to roam into the different classes that are set up for fun "Without even asking for permission!!!" She is also quite fond of the two middle school/high school age sons of one of the other teachers who are helping out!!!

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