Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011


So here it is! A blog post the same day the pictures were taken. AMAZING! 
We had such a wonderful day. The weather was perfect - it almost felt weird to be that warm after such a cold start to Spring.

The Easter Bunny brought the bubbles that they love to play with when DeeDee the speech therapist comes. Imogene was REALLY excited about this. 

Lily loves her new blue sunglasses. Blue is her new first favorite color, just so you know. Lily said, "what a nice Easter Bunny. He knew just what I wanted!" 
Notice that Imogene is  holding onto her chocolate bunnies. Kid loves chocolate.

This is her new elephant. "Ella" - we thought she'd be more excited to see her. Elephants are her favorite animal. She's forever talking about the elephants at the zoo. She picked it out the basket and threw it on the ground. Well, then.  I have high hopes for this elephant. Really want her to have something she attaches to so that it MIGHT make me leaving her easier. I said MIGHT.

Isn't always more fun to play with paper grass than toys?

Helping with the Easter pancakes.

Loving their little water color sets. Who knew???

The carnage that is Imogene and Easter grass.

She would not make a normal smile.

Nor could we get those blue sunglasses off. 
And if Lily squats to be next to Imogene, Imogene squats too! 

 I love this picture of them. Even if Imogene isn't smiling or looking at me! 

Imogene again - not happy to be in a picture. But I got the bow in! 

Please look a those curls and that precious little face. She can be such a cute, dear little thing.

Both girls both big fans of how twirly their dresses were.

The best shot I got of them together all day.

Again with the dress.

This one I just had to include. She is cute.

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