Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunshine Again

So I'm going to be a little less doom and gloom now.
It was 86 degrees here today. CRAZY warm - I was talking to Tracie, and it was almost too warm too fast, it made the little ones totally crazy outside at the park. Of course tomorrow it is going to be 54 and raining. Our weather has just been so unpredicatable - I'm really ready for steady warm weather.

Lily had her very first soccer game on Saturday. I was in Kentucky spending a wonderful weekend with some girlfriends, and of course, Stella & Dot. Bill reports that Lily had a great time, and thanked him for helping her not feel too nervous. How cute is that!?! It started raining right at the end, and apparently was pouring and hailing and just a big mess. But fun nonetheless. When I asked her about it, and she immediately told me - "There were no scoreboards."

Imogene has not been sick for so long, and of course got a high fever Friday night when I was away! She was fine the next day, but is still coughing so much and really not herself. Leave it to the Siglers to let the entire winter go by without any major illnesses,and then the first day of warm weather get sick!

A friend of mine today told me Bill should be cloned. I agree :)

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