Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fashion Designer In Training

Lily put on the cutest fashion show ever this afternoon. Unfortunately it was inspired by a Barbie movie (I try, but I'm just not a fan) - but it was so fun to watch her. She laid out a long piece of tape from when I tried to make a tablecloth hem (don't ask) and that was her "fashion row." She did the hand on the hip and twirled in the middle with her wrists bent just so ... she would nod her head at me before she started, as if to say "okay, I'm ready. Are you ready?"She had the music up really loud and loved telling me how she had designed all the clothes herself and wasn't I just so impressed? When she told Naney about it (she arrived tonight for her spring break), she said "Naney, I am a fashion line designer. And I am also a Power Ranger. I have a lot of business." I took a lot of pictures. This may be the only time I get her to wear all the dresses I got her from Just Ducky.

Meanwhile, instead of changing clothes, Imogene decided she'd rather just dump all of her clothes. Including her diaper. At one point she was wearing her little pink winter boots and a diaper. And nothing else. And she wanted to change her diaper, but didn't want one of the ones we had downstairs. She had to go upstairs and pick out an Elmo diaper from her room. She is SO two years-old. 
All she wants to do is take her own clothes off and put her own shoes off and on, and she gets so, so frustrated by all of it. 

Uncle Ryan is headed on a Caribbean vacation for a wedding tomorrow morning. 
Safe Travels Uncle Ry!

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