Monday, April 4, 2011

It's Just the Way it Is

Going to therapy can be depressing. There I said. It's depressing. Not necessarily about Imogene's progress specifically, but about all that is going on there with so many kids. And I feel guilty for how well she is doing, and ache for the parents who have children who will never walk and never talk and I just want to hug and cry with them. And then I want to switch places with the moms who are there for what will certainly be short-term therapy. Not that I don't want Imogene, I just don't want the cards we've been dealt lately. I want a child who can go to sleep on her own, and stay asleep for longer than 3 hours, and one that will still take a nap. I know I'm complaining a lot lately and I KNOW we have so much to be thankful for. It's just one of those days when I'm so tired of therapy, and so tired of all the bad luck kids are dealt before they even have a chance to fight it. And I hate that Imogene can't walk up the stairs or down the stairs on her own. And that she can't really sit and look at books like other kids because her hand won't open the way it should. And that when she wants to wash her hands (Which she LOVES) she can't reach the water with her right hand because her arm is so tight that she can't get it forward enough.
So yes, she's doing great, but it can be really overwhelming thinking about how far she has to go.

I promise I'll be back later with a more positive post. You are all so kind to read, but this is also in a way my journal, and so sometimes you have to deal with the good and the bad.


  1. I love you all and know it helps to get it out. I hurt double for you and Imogene.

  2. i love the good and the bad. and good and bad, i'm always thinking about you all. :)