Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rolling By...

Yes, it has been 2 weeks since I last posted. We have been on the go all day every day.
Between my work, Bill's never-ending work, the girls' therapy schedule, Lily at K-prep, trips to the pool and all the other stuff that I feel like sucks the time out of every day, I just haven't posted on the blog. And this week doesn't look too good for me having time to blog - between the two of them the girls have 6 therapy/doctors' appointments. Plus a playdate, a visit from some wonderful old friends, and haircuts! All before we leave Friday to head to SC for our week at the beach!

Bill did get a cute picture of Lily at the DC United game last night.
We have spent a ton of time re-organizing the basement with an amazing new shelving system that came in 9 boxes ... Bill spent hours building it, and then I spent hours getting all the stuff into it. It has made a HUGE difference in how we all enjoy playing in the basement. I'm so glad we finally decided to get what we needed! It actually looks even better than this now ... but you get the idea.
The boxes before ... (There were two others that arrived three days later!!)

So here are some random pictures from our last few weeks.
 They had a blast at our friend Emory's birthday party - a music teacher came and did a little music together class. Both of course loved that. And Lily was very attentive to imogene the entire time.
 These two are loving their cake!
 Lola and Imogene, such sweet pals. 

 Another set of pals ... 

 Someone absolutely loves chocolate. 

Wouldn't want to leave any behind! 

 And finally, Lily and her buddies from K-prep camp. They had so much fun that week I think! 
(We took them out for ice cream on the first day. And of course had them line up to preserve the moment. In front of the cooler. :)


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