Monday, August 1, 2011

Kindergarten Prep Has Begun!

She's there right now! And we get to go back and get her in an hour! YEAH! I miss her and I'm feeling a million emotions. For now I will say that despite the fact that there was not a single familiar face in her classroom, and that the two kids sitting at her table neither one spoke a ton of English, she did really well at the drop-off. I am bursting to hear what she thought. This is not her regular class or maybe even her teacher for the year. They use these two weeks to assess the kids and see where they would fit best. But the kindergarten is in a pod- so they are all right there together. KINDERGARTEN!!! Ahhh.... I did pretty well today - but when we drop her off with all the other kids in September and she is there from 745-235 I know I'll be a wreck.

Walking with her buddy Will. 

This is in the classroom. 
I could not get her to smile ... or take a good picture all morning because she could not stop talking!

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