Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to School Shopping

If I hadn't been completely harried and way too tired, I would have taken more pictures.
But the girls and I went shopping today for socks and underwear and a pair of jeans for Lily. Of course we came home with one pair of socks for Lily, lots of underwear, no jeans, and three other outfits. How does this happen to me? Imogene wanted a pair of wings (out for halloween) at a store and kept saying "pittypeese" (pretty please) and I said, no, but here, have these two pairs of socks. She was ELATED! "A whiy (white) one, and a pink one!" She can be very sweet and very, very cute.
Lily picked a dress for the first day of school (another tradition from my childhood that I have to carry on) that is really adorable. She insisted on a dress, and it was the last store we went in when we finally found it. It is so cute on. Can't wait for you to see it on TUESDAY!!! Less than a week to go. She found out today that a buddy from soccer is in her class and she is super excited about that. She made me show her the email the little girl's mom sent me so she could "read" it herself.

Other really cute thing Imogene says right now, "I meetcha theya." (I meet ya there.)
She also loves to tell Lily, "I comin Lily."

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