Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One of These Days

There are just so many pictures from Christmas, I cannot sit down and get them posted! We are settling back into the grind after a wonderful week of resting at home, traveling to SC, and then resting and hanging out at home again. One day over the weekend Imogene stayed in her pajamas the entire day. What a way to celebrate the holidays! Lily is so very happy back at school. Imogene and I picked her up today and we ended up staying and chatting with Miss Pam Miss Carey Miss Patty and the Burke (what we call Carolyn, the director, thanks to Lola)... Imogene was laughing so hard at all of them and was clearly thrilled to be back with her favorite ladies. Of course makes my heart sing. Not as much as it did one day last week  - we can neither one remember how it started, but the conversation ended with lily saying, "but I'll still be your little girl right?" Lily did pretty well with the holidays and all the commotion and no routine.
She's especially in love with the Wii game console we got. She Loves playing tennis on it, and even when it looks like she's doing terrible at something, she usually does pretty well. The best is the Glee Kereoke game that we all love playing. Imogene is a big fan of holding the microphone and singing her heart out. And asking for "gee." She really loves singing and dancing. There is no way I can put into words how cute this is ... she just sings and sings so loudly and so happily. Is there anything better than watching your child find joy? She is also talking up a storm, although admitedly very little of it makes any sense. She has come up with her first real sentence, "Mommydobe" ... which is mommy do bed. Wonderful, loving, best dad ever Bill usually puts her to bed because she just does better when he does it. But she's been pitching a fit for Mommy to do it. It's frustrating for everyone. But it does lighten the mood when she pulls out , "mommydobe mommydobe."
She is also now in love with wally, the green monster. yes, that wally the green monster, mascot of the Boston Red Sox. She says "wajee" ... and then calls every player in the book we read "daddy."
Her birthday is in 12 days! Where in the world did the last 2 years go? We are going to have a very, very little celebration for our little girl. Mostly because we want Imogene to have her own thing, and most of the kids we know are 4!!! And really, after what we saw at Christmas - she really doesn't care much right now. She is just happy dancing around the house to "gee."

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