Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please Be Kidding Me...

Imogene is back to terrible sleep. Up for four hours the other night. Waking up a bunch. Terrible to get down. And she's not napping. Since Sunday, she's napped 40 minutes. I cannot tell you how panicked I get from the thought that a)terrible sleep is back again or worse b) she's dropping her nap!!!!!!!!! She's  not yet 2. I CANNOT.HANDLE.NO.NAPS. I need that break from her. I love her, but we need the break. Plus it makes her a nutcase by dinner time.
But Lily is dealing with this fine. While I was upstairs trying to get Imogene to sleep, she took the high chair Imogene's baby doll got for Christmas and climbed up on the counter, got her own cup and lid out of the cabinet, then went over and repeated the process for the apple juice in the fridge. I am trying not to think of how badly that could have gone. She's very proud of herself.

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  1. You might want to buy Lily a sturdy stool that she can move around!