Thursday, January 6, 2011

ESPN Here She Comes

Lily is a sports-lover. She woke up Tuesday morning, and the first thing she said to me was, "Did the Hokies win?" Alas, they did not. Poor kid, disappointment comes early. Tonight we were talking about how she can sign up to play soccer soon (Side note: there is a team of boys and girls going into kindergarten at her future elementary school. So many aspects of that sentence make me want to cry or throw-up. We'll leave it at that.) So she says, "Mom, I don't have a costume!" "Well Lily, I think we'll get the shorts and shoes, and they'll give you a shirt." "What will our team be?" "I don't know yet sweetie." "Oh gosh, I hope we aren't going to be blue. I really don't want to be blue like Chelsea." Her daddy has trained her well. Chelsea is a rival of Daddy's beloved Manchester United Red Devils, of the English premier league. She is so well-trained, that when Susan started talking about her trip to London, and how she and Matt looked for Chelsea tickets but they were too expensive, Lily says, "We don't like Chelsea Aunt Susan."


  1. Kenton is the same about sports - remembers scores of games weeks ago which boggles my mind. I took him out of bed the other night to go to the bathroom (he was sound asleep) and he mutters, "but it's not halftime yet". I guess he even dreams about sports.