Thursday, December 8, 2011

She Noticed

Today when Imogene was getting ready for school I asked her to go get ready to put her shoes on. She asked if she needed her brace, which I said yes, please. And she didn't fuss at all. And when we were putting it on she looked at me and said, "Everybody not wear brace at school." Her face wasn't sad or upset, and it wasn't happy or proud either. It was just the announcement that she knew it wasn't the same for other kids. I was sure to tell her that she was so, so special to everyone and the brace just helped her run and jump and how special she truly is. But I cannot tell you in words how much my heart hurt with that simple little sentence. Our sweet little Imogene. Again, I know that we are blessed, but sometimes it just stinks the card she drew.

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