Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December Fun

 We took our letters to Santa to Macy's - and they donated a $1 for each to the Make a Wish foundation. We had lots of fun!

 That says, "I want a Castle Tent."

 The tree-trimming was a family affair, and Lily was a huge help. I'm so glad she had as much fun as I do decorating the tree!

 A sheep for the Christmas Pageant. She did a great job, and had so much fun. I think she'll be up for doing choir with the church in January. She learned that she CAN do it, and it's fun! She told me afterwards, "Mom, people really thought we did a great job. And I really was inspired by myself!" I think she really liked being part of that group performance. 
Maybe she has the Brown-girls theatre gene?

 She had fun - despite the hands on the face pose here.

 She liked wagging her tail. 

 Imogene was very proud of her sister! 

 Lucy was not so pleased with her part in the performance. Next year they can be angels I think.

 We are decorated for the best time of the year!!! 

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