Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grapevine & Rudolph

We had Grapevine T Elephant again today. Only Lily didn't remember to bring him home, so Miss Pam brought him over while we were having lunch. Can I just tell you that the 10 minutes she was in the house were the best of my entire day? I felt human having another adult in my presence with the girls. (Bill was out of town Mon-Wed.) It was such a nice little surprise to have her with us for that short amount of time. And Lily - buddy does she love her Miss Pam. I swear she cannot talk about her without bursting into giggles. I LOVE IT! 
She asked to take GTE to ballet with her, and so of course he had to have a tutu. Then when she realized what would be required of her keeping up with him for that entire time, she decided to leave him at home.
So he went with Imogene and I to have the orthotic checked. 
Again, he stayed in the car.

Imogene insisted on drinking water without a top. And then got soaking wet. And then insisted on having her clothes taken off. And it was close to bedtime, so I didn't bother going to get her new clothes. Which was good, because she ran around in her tights and reindeer antlers ... like the good little redneck baby she is. She loves those antlers! 

Here is how cute she looked when she had the clothes on. 
 It's the cutest little red jumper and polka dot shirt that were Lily's. 
I've been waiting for December to put her in it. She really looked precious.  

And finally, from the random pictures file (AGAIN)
More of Bill's Birthday.
 Bill's cake. (Tiffany I know you are appalled at the appearance - trust me I can do better :))
But Lily wanted vanilla, but knew daddy would rather have chocolate. So we made him a cake with both. And then you can guess who did the sprinkles. It was out of a box  - which is not my favorite thing to do - but things are nutty around here. And it tasted really, really good. :)
 My best attempt at a picture of Bill and the girls. In keeping with tradition of the last three years, we had dinner and cake with the Jones family that night. It's not a birthday for the Joneses or the Siglers if we haven't had cake together. What lucky people we are to have them next door! 

The kid likes dessert. That's my girl!

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  1. HAHAHA!! i just roared laughing - not at the cake, but at your shout out. if you think i haven't made a store bought cake and devoured it like it was from scratch, you're crazy. i don't discriminate based on looks. :) i think your 1/2 and 1/2 idea is brilliant.