Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's Shopping Style

So Lily is obsessed with getting underwear "with stuff on it" like we got for the little boy we adopted through church. His were Spiderman, by the way. Today she was talking about it again and I said, "Lily, maybe Santa could put something like that in your stocking - we can put it on your list." Lily responds, "WHAT??? There's a Target at the North Pole?" "Santa Shops at Target? That's CRAZY, Mom!" So then we had to talk about how Santa can't make everything... which she really just didn't believe. Which I kind of like.

By the way, we are living in Minneapolis these days (I always wanted to move there after travelling to and from for work several years ago. I'm getting my wish.) It was 10 degrees with the wind chill today. Bitter, bitter cold. 30-40 mile an hour winds. Bitter, Bitter, BITTER Cold.
Imogene kept saying what I thought was "naney" every time we went outside today. I could not figure out what was triggering that for her, until I realized she was trying to say "Windy" - which is what I say when she laughs about wind in her face.
Church on Sunday was Lessons & Carols, and every time the singing would stop Imogene would say "moh, moh" ... then "seee" (for sing I think.) She loved it.

And finally, I will never, ever write down or talk out loud about Imogene's habits during the night-time hours EVER Again.

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