Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Princess Lily's Royal Party

Lily's princess party was such a blast and went really well considering most of the girls were dropped off! A few moms did stay, so that certainly helped. Lily was such a gracious hostess. Greeted her guests so sweetly and showed them where all the stuff to do was. I feel like she genuinely wanted them to be happy and have fun. I think they did!

Sugar Cookie Magic Wands. Despite the fact that I got the idea from the magazine "Family Fun," there was nothing fun about making them. Extremely top heavy and such a pain to frost! But they were a big hit with the girls and they all ended up taking them home and ate cupcakes at the party instead. All in the name of Lily's happiness!
Lily and her doll Emily in their matching "Belle" outfits. I found this great site http://www.littledressupshop.com/, that has matching girl and doll dresses that are Disney-themed, but don't have all the Disney things on them. Lily of course has never seen Beauty & the Beast, or any of the princess movies for that matter, but she loves the princesses and
loves that she can be "Belle" even though she knows nothing about her!

Mommy & Lily in their face paint. Amazing artist came and painted the girls (and moms!) faces during the party. I can't say enough about how great Erica Exline is if you are in the area! http://www.sweetcheeksfp.com/

Daddy and his girl. I love this picture because we have the same one from her 1st, 2nd and 3rd parties. We'll have to carry on the tradition.

All the princesses. And Queen Maggie too!
She blew out her "castle candle" and then asked "Mom can I eat this?" No Lily you cannot eat the candle. "No can I eat what's under it?" Yes, you can eat the icing!

Naney and Princess Imogene.

Such a sweet picture. Lily loves, loves, loves Maggie.
This is on her actual birthday. Of course Lily was sure it was the other way around, so much that she said on Saturday morning "Guys, aren't you going to wish me happy REAL birthday?"

This is happy Imogene on Lily's birthday. Considering she thinks the world revolves around her sister, it's pretty fitting that she should be this happy on the day of her birth!

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